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1 – Premises

This document defines, at the current stage, the company policy regarding the aspects of the integrated management system of Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. (quality, working environment and safety in the workplace)

This document is written by the company top management with the aim to define general guidelines for the exercise of company activities related to:

Control of invasive plants with mechanical and chemical means, services to rail tracks and platform, forest fire prevention and firefighting, sanitization and maintenance of green areas used by people and domestic animals.

The document:

  • Holds the requirements and principles of the reference rules applied by the company;
  • Is in conformity with what was established in the quality system procedure in force in the company;
  • Is spread to the company employees to guarantee the acceptance and the awareness of its contents;
  • Is reviewed regularly, based on management results, on regulatory requirements, on customers’ and other interested parties’ interests.

The directions of the company policy are enforceable through what was established in the standard of quality management system ISO 9001:2008, Environment ISO 14001:2004 and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007.

This document main objective is:

  • The respect of regulatory requirements contained in the applicable laws and technical specifications;
  • The effective and efficient management of company processes;
  • The continuous improvement;
  • The continuous satisfaction of customers and interested parties;
  • The development of a performance improvement strategy and improvement actions;
  • The reduction of negative impact on the environment;
  • The protection and safeguard of the environment.
  • The employees’ safety at the workplace and the improvement of applied systems;
  • The guarantee of available relevant information and required resources to reach general goals and targets.

2 – Significant elements and Company policy decisions

Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. Top Management intends to guarantee complete satisfaction to customers’ needs, offering services that respond adequately in terms of quality, reliability, punctuality and dynamism.  Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. always operates following safety criteria in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, 

The Top Management is convinced of the necessity to face quality, environment and safety issues with a global and efficient approach to reach operative efficacy.

All the staff is requested to work hard to obtain a continuous and systematic improvement of the company systems, aiming at improving the services and reach maximum satisfaction of their customers, privileging prevention and territory maintenance and recovery intervention.

Each company activity must satisfy the following general objectives:

  1. To always deliver services that fully satisfy customers’ needs, either expressed or implied, trying to use the best available technologies on the market and sensitize internal personnel, through staff training, to reach ever growing qualitative standards.
  2. To publicize and use the management and land integration system in railway and civilian areas, to guarantee safety standards to rail traffic and staff. Facilitate the use of green areas to people and animals in safety conditions and in a healthy environment without parasites and pathogens. Optimize and use the new molecules for the control of weeds in accordance with national and Community legislation. Operate services with technically skilled staff and state-of-art equipment that respect environment and operators’ safety. Ensure a continuous professional training to the staff. Make every effort to maintain a relationship of trust between Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. and its customers.
  3. Expect the highest quality level in work proposing constant improvement and aiming at customers’ satisfaction. Pay careful attention to the equipment and vehicles’ maintenance, particularly rail vehicles, controlling their efficiency and compliance with the relevant regulations.
  4. Get internal staff involved so they acknowledge the importance of their role in the company.
  5. Improve internal efficiency with systematic standardization of the activities, career development and personnel motivation. Periodic review of the company integrated management system to check its effective implementation and suitability to target achievement.
  6. Respect the current legislation and regulations applicable to the company on issues like quality, environment and safety of workplaces.

3 – Company objectives

Following what was written in the preceding paragraph, Top Management has identified objectives which have to be reached with the involvement of the whole staff and collaborators and that we summarize hereafter.


The Quality management system implemented years ago is now a consolidated tradition,

The contribution of a quality management system has been important during the period of major economical and production difficulties.

The operative procedures have allowed us a general organization through programming, feedback and controls of planning. This organization has proven to optimize the company resources.

The quality system has highlighted the necessary changes to be made for a streamlined process which is also accurate and productive. These changes were made by correcting some procedures and subsequently the company implemented a new management control system.

From 2008 Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. has certified for the environment management System in conformity with certification UNI EN ISO 14001 and in the security system OHSAS 18001:2007 It has always been a commitment of Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. and its staff to make continuous improvement of the environmental performances, safety and healthy workplace.

The Top Management is committed to continue to maintain these management systems operative and spread its knowledge to customers, providers and all interested parties.


Currently the Company’s staff is in line with future developments.

We will continue to give value to our human resources inside the structure in order to stimulate our staff, at each level. This is important to reinforce and develop a sense of cohesion inside the company.


Notwithstanding the crisis of financial markets, our company has been able to face the situation, with huge efforts, and has succeeded in maintaining its turnover.

The coherent behaviour towards the customers, the high commitment in our work has rewarded Soradis which has gained new customers and maintained excellent relationships with loyal customers.

The commitment of Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. is to concentrate on activities highly specialized and for which we have matured an experience renowned at every level.

Another commitment is to optimize resources to obtain a reduction in costs, maintaining high quality of work as a guarantee and added value.

Our policy remains thus the same that has always guided us:

  1. Satisfy our clients’ needs with the high quality of our performances
  2. Give value to our human resources, true capital of our performances, improving everyone professionality.
  3. Encourage work in an organized, quiet and comfortable environment
  4. Promote the continuous respect for the environment in accordance with current regulations
  • To guarantee services with respect to the environment where we operate through the rational use of molecules and formulations, promote operational improvement and update clients to obtain his satisfaction.

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