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Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. carries out maintenance activities in railways, such as:

  • Painting of rail tracks
  • Hydroseeding treatments

Painting of rail tracks

This activity consists in the sprinkling of a special quick-drying solar reflective paint with a great covering power on the iron of rail tracks. This activity is carried out with special rail equipment. The service guarantees the containment of sharp rise in the temperature of rail tracks due to high temperature and solar radiations.

The sprinkling of solar reflective paint reduces the thermal expansion of tracks avoiding negative consequences on the circulation of railway vehicles and maintenance of tracks. The solar reflective paint is applied prior to the rise in temperature, usually during the months of June and July.

Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. has a large variety of suitable paintings and dedicated equipment to guarantee the best result.

Idro Hydroseeding treatments

It is a method that guarantees the maintenance of rail embankments, trenches and road embankments over time to stabilize their ground, avoiding landslides and mudflows due to extreme weather events or other ecosystem related phenomena. To obtain good results in this activity of maintenance and environment engineering, a proper soil preparation is essential with in depth and in surface management to guarantee the essences to take root perfectly.

After a careful preparation of the seedbed, the stabilizer mixture and the basic substrate are spread onto the soil with specific high-flow and high-pressure equipment and nozzle. Subsequently a mixture of shrub and/or herb essences is spread with the same method. These essences roots will help keep the land from crumbling helping to make the soil less sensitive to run-off and landslide activities provoked by weather events.

For such activity, Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. has formed its staff with specific knowledge and uses dedicated equipment to guarantee the best results.

Manutenzione e servizi per linee ed aree ferroviarie
Manutenzione e servizi per linee e aree ferroviarie
Manutenzione e servizi per linee e aree ferroviarie
Manutenzione e servizi per linee e aree ferroviarie


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