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Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. is particularly proud of its specific knowledge and professionality in this activity. Thanks to this activity we have been able to grow and further expand our knowledge.

Our Senior Management and operational staff received their first specific training experiences in firefighting in the late eighties and they grew and matured their knowledge throughout the nineties, years of the first operational experiences with fire retardant chemicals in forest fire using Airforce G 222 and C130. The mixing and loading of these specific formulations on the aircraft were guaranteed in the airport.

With these experiences, and subsequently with fire-fighting planes (Canadair CL 215 and 415), Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. is born, having guaranteed during the period 1998-2005 the supply of: extinguishing liquids, on-board loading service with specific equipment and staff and logistics for all the fire-fighting fleet managed by civil-protection (Canadair CL 415 and heavy helicopters like Erickson Aircrane S 64 etc).

In the same period Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. carried out fire prevention service on railway lines at high- risk of fire. This service was consisted of sale, preparation and dumping of fire retardant chemicals with specific rail freight and was carried out with professionality and mastery of techniques.

With this long story and specific knowledge in the field Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. has become a national point of reference in forest firefighting and prevention, and this is our pride.

Nowadays Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. carries out the supply of extinguishing liquids to several companies operational in firefighting aerial work activities with rotary wing aircrafts and collaborates with various autonomous regions and provinces to optimize forest firefighting, using specific firefighting products like foams, retardants and gelling agents, and counselling the best solution and specific product for each designated area.

Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. continues to carry out the dumping of fire retardant liquids as prevention activity in high-risk areas such as: military areas, camping areas, touristic areas and high-traffic roads in national and regional parks.

Soradis S.I.A. S.r.l. is ready to assist in any activity related to forest fire prevention and firefighting and is convinced to give the best advices and specific solutions to its clients in terms of products, equipment and methodology they should need.
Prevenzione e contrasto degli incendi boschivi
Prevenzione e contrasto degli incendi boschivi
Prevenzione e contrasto degli incendi boschivi
Prevenzione e contrasto degli incendi boschivi


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